The Silver Circle Blog

  • The history of the Bloody Mary cocktail 🩸

    The Bloody Mary cocktail has several origin stories but the most widely accepted claims that the Bloody Mary is 100 years old this year and for that reason alone, it’s a story worth retelling.
  • How to make a Night On Fire cocktail 🌶

    A cocktail made to highlight the spicy Indian botanicals of The Libertines’ signature tipple Gunga Gin. Night On Fire turns up the heat with fiery ginger beer and pineapple hot sauce. 
  • How to make a Spumoni cocktail 🦩

    The Spumoni cocktail is a distillery classic and is often featured on the menu at our bar. Here's how you can make one yourself at home.
  • How to make a Kimchi Mexikaner 🌶️

    The Mexikaner is a cult classic German party shot, a short and spicy younger sibling of the Bloody Mary. Our version can be made with our Ultimate Bloody Mary Kit and the juice from a jar of Kimchi.
  • How to make a Monmouth Mule cocktail 🍐

    We developed our Small Batch Series Poached Pear Vodka with this Welsh borders variation of the iconic Moscow Mule cocktail in mind, we call it the Monmouth Mule. 
  • How to make a Vegan Gin Sour

    Here's how to make a delicious gin sour with no eggs, just miraculous, vegan friendly, chickpea juice. Yep, you read that right. 


  • How to make a Wye Valley Bramble

    A perfect balance of Welsh gin, sour lemon and sweet blackberries, our take on the classic, flavourful bramble cocktail has to be the quintessential drink for the late Autumn. The rich, fruity and completely mouthwatering Wye Valley Bramble features our own Blackberry Liqueur which was made specifically to pair with Wye Valley Gin. Trust us it's delicious and perfect for the long, dark nights ahead. Here's how to make it!