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No Aviation - 50cl

No Aviation - 50cl

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Batch 1 - 35% ABV

No Aviation is our twist on the classic Aviation cocktail. A new bottled cocktail in our small batch series.

Our Aviation reboot combines Wye Valley Gin with a specially made sweet woodruff, bay and nettle liqueur. The Maraschino of the original Aviation is replaced by the almond flavour of the sweet woodruff. The floral notes of Creme De Violette are switched for the spice of bay and the bite of nettle. Add lemon juice and ice and serve in a chilled glass.

The classic Aviation cocktail was created to commemorate the early, glamorous years of 20th century air travel.

No Aviation has been created to commemorate the global lockdown of 2020. An era of grounded aircraft, blue skies and bird song. Groundhog Day for humanity while the earth recovers.

Each bottle contains roughly 8 servings.

European and international orders: Unfortunately, due to customs regulations, this product can only be shipped inside the UK.