British Aquavit announcement!

British Aquavit announcement!

For the last 10 months or so we've been working with Psychopomp Microdistillery in Bristol and Orkney Gin Company in Scotland on a collaborative project that is close to our collective hearts. Today we are launching British Aquavit together as a way of promoting and growing this amazing and exciting category of spirits in the UK. We've even made a short film about it and we've put together a tasting box featuring all 3 of our Aquavits which is available to pre-order now from here.

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A trio of award-winning British distilleries are joining up to spread the word about Aquavit - a popular spirit in Scandinavia which is traditionally enjoyed straight with food and on celebrations.

Orkney Spirits Limited, (Orkney, Scotland) Psychopomp Microdistillery (Bristol, England) and Silver Circle Distillery (Monmouthshire, Wales) are respectively the first Scottish, English and Welsh producers of Aquavit, and have joined forces to increase the category’s UK awareness and popularity.
Aquavit/Aqvavit/Akvavit is a botanical spirit, with the spelling and specific flavour profile varying depending on the country. It is produced in the same way as gin, but with dill and/or caraway as lead botanicals, instead of juniper.

Each of the three independent distilleries produces their own expression, but share a love for Aquavit’s savoury flavour profile and versatility - and especially what it brings to cocktails.

They have created a ‘British Aquavit’ tasting pack which includes 3 X 50ml bottles - one each of Orkney Akvavit, Psychopomp Aqvavit & Silver Circle Aquavit, plus an online guided tasting for people to learn more about this spirit while they taste it.

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