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How to make a Cabinet Christmas Party cocktail ­čą│

A Cabinet Christmas Party cocktail in a tall stemmed glass

Here's a Christmas cocktail you can try making at home. We've named it the 'Cabinet Christmas Party' because you can easily make it with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen cabinet at this time of year and it really gets the party started.

If you've never made a cocktail at home before you might think you need to follow golden rules such as 'always start with the classics'. With a Cabinet Christmas Party, you can ignore the rules. Cheers to that!


- 50ml Wye Valley Gin
- 2 heaped tsps of cranberry sauce
- 1 heaped tsp of honey (preferably runny)
- 15ml lime juice


1. Shake all ingredients with ice until cold.
2. Double strain into a coupe / coupette / stemmed glass.