Introducing Silver Circle Aquavit

Introducing Silver Circle Aquavit

We have a brand new product to share with you today which we have been developing for a long, long time, Silver Circle Aquavit.

Distilled with caraway, fennel, raspberry, lemon and rye, Silver Circle Aquavit is a modern, versatile version of Scandinavia's most famous and beloved spirit. It is also the first aquavit in Wales and 1 of only 3 currently produced in the UK.

Aquavit is a bit like gin's Scandinavian cousin. Both are botanical spirits. Both are distilled in more or less the same way. Both are delicious. The difference? With aquavit caraway (and / or dill) is the star of the show instead of juniper in gin.

In Scandinavia aquavit is usually enjoyed straight as part of celebrations and often with food. However, around the world aquavit is acquiring a reputation as a 'cocktail chameleon' for its ability to twist classic cocktail recipes into something new and exciting.

We have developed Silver Circle Aquavit specifically to be used in both contexts. It is delicious straight and it's savoury nature makes it a perfect pairing for many kinds of food as well as beer. But it also works extremely well in cocktails as a replacement for gin, whiskey or vodka. You can drink it with tonic, just like a G&T. It's amazing in an Old Fashioned or Negroni. The botanicals add an extra dimension to a Bloody Mary. And just wait till you try it in a Martini!

There is so much to say about aquavit as a category of spirits that we're not even going to try and cover it all here. But rest assured, we will be talking about it plenty!

Silver Circle Aquavit is on sale now. We hope you enjoy it!

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