Midsommar Quiz Trail - All the correct answers!

Midsommar Quiz Trail - All the correct answers!

Thanks to everyone who came to our Midsommar Feast on Saturday, June 22! As part of the festivities we organised a quiz trail leading through the farm. Winners have been notified via email, and here are all the correct answers if you want to check how you did!


The botanical in this jar is one of the main base botanicals of gin. What is it?

  1. Licorice root
  2. Gentian root
  3. Angelica root


We use this distillate in one of our cocktails. What is it? (Open and smell it but please don’t drink)

  1. Distilled strawberry
  2. Distilled tomato
  3. Distilled red apple


What function do these copper coils have in distilling?

  1. They diffuse the vapours to get a better flavour extraction
  2. They remove sulphurous compounds and purify the spirit
  3. They make the spirit smoother as the exposure surface area increases


In an ancient Swedish Midsommar tradition, young girls would pick 7 different flowers on 7 different meadows, to do what?

  1. Place on their ancestors' graves in order to bring their spirits back to life for one night.
  2. Decorate each table as a symbol of the 7 days of the solstice week.
  3. Sleep with them under their pillow in order to have prophetic dreams.


Why do we choose to use whole local free range organic lambs for our events?

  1. Using a whole animal means that nothing is wasted.
  2.   If they are local they don’t have to be transported far to slaughter which means less stress for the animal and tastier meat.
  3. Both of the above.


This herb will be used as a botanical in our new Greener Pastures Gin. What is it?

  1. Lemon balm
  2.  Spearmint
  3. Oregano


Who is said to have invented the Negroni? 

  1. Harry Craddock
  2. Count Camillo Negroni
  3. Duchess Negroni Sbagliato



Canada’s national drink is a variation of our beloved Bloody Mary which features Clamato instead of tomato juice. But what is it called?

  1. Bloody Caesar
  2. Red Snapper
  3. Bloody Igloo


In Swedish folklore, each farm would have a small sprite looking after it and secretly doing chores and looking after the animals. What were they called?

  1. Tomte
  2. Huldra
  3. Näcken


The song Helan går is one of the most popular drinking songs in Sweden. What do the lyrics mean?

  1. Bottoms up!
  2. Go away Helen!
  3. Hello Neighbour!

And of course the tie-breaker: There were 217 Swedish pick-and-mix in the jar.

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