We're moving 🎉 and we need your help!

We're moving 🎉 and we need your help!

Support our Crowdfunder and help us move to a new and improved location at Upper Meend Farm, Monmouthshire, enhancing our visitor experiences and sustainability.

Why are we Crowdfunding?

Since we started in 2019, our distillery has been located in an agricultural barn with no windows and access via single track roads. Whilst it was a great place to start, the location has ended up holding us back and restricting our growth in multiples of ways. Now, after years of searching, we have the wonderful opportunity of relocating to a new, beautiful building at Upper Meend Farm in Monmouthshire, also known as Humble by Nature. The new location is well insulated with underfloor heating, windows galore and better access, enabling us to welcome visitors all year round, host events and improve our sustainability.

However, the move will be very costly. Once everything is factored in, including fitting out, plumbing and electrical work, servicing and converting the still to a new power source and the move itself, it will be at least £20,000. As a small business we lack the resources to finance this on our own so we need your help to make this happen!

What's in it for you?

We have a range of amazing rewards to make it worth your while. Come on this journey with us and be part of our story as we start this new exciting chapter!

Visit our Crowdfunder page for all the details. Support our journey and join us on the farm!

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